Thursday, 13 August 2015


Country Club Riyadh offers best fitness center that fits your on-the-go lifestyle .When you work with country club fitness center, you'll benefit from a personal fitness training program that's custom-built with your goals in mind. They know exactly what it takes to achieve your individual goals in the fastest, safest way possible, from devising a balanced nutritional regimen up to a customized fitness training program to get you the results you want, whether it is to slim down, bulk up, de-stress or improve fitness levels. Our fitness center across the world provides you one of the most effective ways of getting started on the right track towards achieving your fitness goals.

 Country Vacations Riyadh membership offers you the perfect destination for a family holiday and Superb Property to stay with your family while vacation with Great Hospitality. Its resorts, clubs across the world has a spacious restaurant overlooking the pond, offering mouth watering best cuisine. With its luxuries and amenities, Country club offers idyllic destination for your family vacation. 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Country Vacations Riyadh : Perfect place for Joy

The Country Vacations Riyadh offers exciting, affordable, flexible and easy to escape destinations of your choice. Through Country Club Riyadh membership You and your family can have access to its  network of quality resorts,fitness centers,hubs and events, providing you with wonderful freedom to choose. Its membership is your passport to -free annual holidays, worldwide.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Country Vacations Riyadh

Country Vacations Riyadh, True beatitude is not about what we get but what we accord away!

The Country Vacations Riyadh, To boost the blithe alcohol and to accomplish the greatest ambition account of its members, this Christmas Eve, the Country Club Auberge gave abroad endless of freebies in Dubai. Much afore the Christmas, to the complete abruptness of its guests, Santa Claus absolved into the auberge and asked anniversary guest, including the kids, to ambition for a gift. On 25th December 2013, anniversary of them was arrive for a appropriate Christmas Carnival in the auberge and as the black angry into a blithe revelry, anniversary honoree was in for an alluring surprise!

Every Country Vacations Riyadh affiliate have to watch this ardent video. It showcases the accurate spirit of overextension joy by giving away!

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Enjoy Best of Indian Holidays with the Country Vacations Riyadh!

The Country Vacations Riyadh has a huge arrangement of comfortable anniversary backdrop in all the important day-tripper destinations about India. The arrangement has over 65 own leisure accommodation and exercise backdrop in 30 cities. Each buying resort, auberge and club provides an arrangement of world-class vacation accessories including comfortable accommodations, accomplished dining hubs, contemporary pubs and lounge bars, best of leisure action activities, bounded sightseeing excursions and ceaseless in-room bedfellow services. Country Vacations Riyadh, Members can adore advanced array of holidays at bank resorts, boscage lodges, religious
destinations, chance sports hotspots, amusement hubs, accustomed wellness analysis centers, acropolis base retreats and city-limits axial hotels.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Family Vacation Packages in Country Vacations Riyadh

Country Vacations Riyadh has usual really the Ayurvedic subsiding to commemoration embellishment in the exceptional progression of Kerala. Set in Kovalam, this is the  best objectives is for Kovalam.
Country Vacations Riyadh, The splendid Kovalam is one of the a ton of appreciated objectives for any individual who appreciates satisfactory shorelines. Country  Vacations Riyadh, This total day-ripper end of the band offers multiplying attractions for commemoration voyager. Kovalam is tied down cutting edge the Malabar Coast  in the headway of Kerala in South India. Kovalam is an acclaimed coffer projections passed by Indian and comprehensively no matter how you look at it crusade all annular the year. It is 15 km from the axiological city, Thiruvananthapuram.

Country Vacations Riyadh with its comprehensively in all cases visionary, acknowledged Country Club Treasure Cove,  Just 8 Kms far from the city, in the activity demography amiability of our 'God's Own Country'. Kovalam, in the southern progression of Kerala is acclimated for its bow framed shorelines and coffer amnion  enhancement for proliferating meters which are total for swimming. The Club demonstrates its acknowledged associate the predecessor activity development of its own kind, The Treasure Cove. Here the Country Vacations Riyadh partner is secured to airing into the God's own precise joys and comforts. Country Vacations Riyadh The  tasteful club is admonished and manufactured to abolishment and child all the resources. Consistent charm is in the chest of about the establishment, as it is on the Kovalam coffer itself. The partner get to worship settlement houses with all the comforts, capable bowl pool, contracting  Ayurvedic medications, land and absolve finished spa, and multi – nourishment eatery, proliferating splendid niche for satisfactory celebrations in luxury.